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Locations for setting up “EVERGO” Distributorship are identified by the Katyayani Petroleum Ltd. Company after carrying out required feasibility study and based on commercial considerations. The setting up of Auto LPG distributorships at the identified locations is a business proposition that have business risk, but has assured returns of profits based on the cumulative strength of the dealer network created by the distributor.



1.Nationality : Indian National and resident of India.

2.Age : Not less than 21 years (in completed years) as on the date of application.

3.Pre-requisite : The candidate should have 5years of experience in distributorship, preferably in similar connected products. Should have net worth of at least Rs. 10 crores. Should provide balance sheet, profit & loss account for the last 3years for the existing business activities.

4. Multiple Distributorship Norm (Relationship Clause)
Only one distributorship Shall be allowed to a family unit consisting of the concerned individual. 





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5. Disqualification : The following are not eligible
a.  Persons convicted or against whom charges have been framed by a court of law for any criminal offence involving moral turpitude/economic offences (other than freedom struggle).
b.  Mentally unsound ( who suffers from insanity ).
c. Totally paralysed and totally blind persons.
d. Signatory to agreement of a distributorship/dealership of any oil company terminated on the grounds of adulteration/malpractice in the past.
e. If any person is allotted the distributorship by giving wrong information or by suppression of information, it will be cancelled.
6. Partnership :

Incase of partnership, each partner should individually meet the specified eligibility criteria and also should be clubbed together. If called for interview, all of them must appear for interview. They also have to submit a copy of the partnership deed along with the application.

7. Application Form :

Application form should be filled up by the clients with full details as per the company’s rules and regulations.

8. Personal supervision by distributors :

A person selected for the distributorship shall be paying full attention towards day to day working of the distributorship by personally managing the affairs of the distributorship. He/she will not be eligible for taking up any other employment. If the selected person is already employed he/she will have to resign from the employment.

9. Field Verification :

The field verification will be conducted for candidate applied for the distributorship on first cum first serve basis. If found eligible and no complaint is pending or no stay is granted by any court, then Letter of Intent (LOI) will be issued.

10. Commissioning of the Distributorship:

A person who has been given the ‘Letter of Intent’ (LOI) would be required to fulfill the terms and condition as contained therein within the specified time period, so as to commission the distributorship within the stipulated time period. Before commissioning, Letter of Appointment will give and distributorship agreement will be executed.

11. Security Deposit :

The distributorship is for a specific number of dealer ALDS, depending on the region. The selected candidate before being issued the appointment letter, will have to deposit with the company, interest free, refundable, security deposit of Rs 1 lakh per dealer ALDS. Katyayani Petroleum Ltd also reserves its right to adjust any dues from this amount at the time of the resignation. However, in case of termination of the distributorship on account of proven malpractices/non-adherence of the rules and regulations, the said security deposit will be forfeited.

12. The tenure of “EVERGO” distributorship will be for an initial period of 5 years and renewable for every 5 years thereafter, subject to the examination of the performance of the distributorship by the company and decision thereon.

13. The company will pay 1% commission to the distributor for effective sales through him.

14. The person should be able to provide bank statement for at least 1 year, copy of income tax return for last 3years with details of any credit facilities with any bank and the track record. And he/she should not be a defaulter of any bank or financial institution.

15. The “EVERGO” distributor should implement the policy of the company, promote the dealer ALDS with all necessary details of the dealers. The distributor will be responsible for the payment of allotment and installation charges from the respective dealer ALDS. The distributor will update the stock position of each dealer ALDS on every day basis to the company and responsible for smooth flow of communication between company and dealer ALDS.

16. If any information furnished by the applicants is found to be false at any point of time before or after appointment as a distributor/dealer the allotment will be cancelled forthwith and distributorship/ dealership shall be terminated incase commissioned.]

17. The content given in this brochure is for general information. It should not be considered as policy document and cannot be legally quoted. Katyayani Petroleum Ltd shall be the final authority for giving any clarification or interpretation on the contents given in this brochure, if need be and at its own discretion. Adequate care has been taken to provide relevant information, however, Katyayani Petroleum Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage or consequences from misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the contents in this brochure.
The company may revise the contents of this brochure from time to time with out giving any notice.

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