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“EVERGO” Is There Awaiting For You

Here is a comparison chart showing, approximately, how far various cars will travel for every Rs.450.00 worth of Petrol or Auto LPG. 

  Auto LPG
Cars on Auto LPG are highly economical to run and the expenditure is almost 1/2 to that of Petrol. The total cost of the conversion can be recovered quickly from the savings accruing by use of Auto LPG in lieu of Petrol depending on the average run of the car. Moreover, Auto LPG being a cleaner and greener fuel in comparison to Petrol / Diesel there is less wear and tear of the engine. There is much less carbon deposit on the engine and also the life of Engine oil is enhanced which does not dilute. One can say that on a whole 15% of car maintenance costs are saved by using Auto LPG. Besides economy, there is no compromise to the safety & performance of the car which is the same as Petrol. Engine runs smoother and there is no change in the noise or vibration of the car Which is a major plus over diesel cars.

The above chart shows comparison of distance covered by different Indian Cars on Auto LPG vis-a-vis Petrol.

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