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To capitalize, on the growing need for an eco-friendly alternative fuel and it’s vast market potential, we are launching Auto LPG under the Brand name EVERGO.
M/s Katyayani Petroleum Limited was incorporated in the year 2006 (under the Company's Act 1956). The Universal awakening and concern, to protect the Environment, has perhaps, never been greater, than what it is today. One of the major Contributors, to the rising atmospheric pollution, in our times, is Auto Emissions.
The Automobile users, Producers and government agencies have all shown deep concern towards reducing/controlling pollutants spewed by Automobiles running on Conventional mineral Fuels. We, in our own small way, wish to contribute towards reducing Auto - Exhaust, emissions by introducing the Gen-Next-Eco friendly Fuel-EVERGO Auto LPG.

Mr. Rajkumar F. Dharu (Chairman cum Managing Director)
The difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is that little 'Extra'…And in today’s highly competitive world, full of unique challenges, people will take note of you, for that 'little extra'. The DGI (Dharu Group of Industries) has resolved to do that “extra” by way of contributing to protect the environment, the society and its people. The group as a whole strives to deal in products which will not take away, but add 'A bit of Green' to the environment. In this endeavor 'Evergo' will leave its stamp as a pollution free eco-friendly, and most importantly, an Auto Fuel, which is economical.
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