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To capitalize, on the growing need for an eco-friendly alternative fuel and it’s vast market potential, we are launching Auto LPG under the Brand name EVERGO. We propose to establish a nation-wide network, Of EVERGO authorized Auto LPG Dispensing stations. Auto LPG will be sourced from the most reliable/reputed suppliers, meeting all the quality parameters laid down by the concerned authorities.

Based on Market studies conducted both overseas and within the Country it is quite clear that the Popularity of LPG as an auto fuel is growing steadily And Evergo is positioning itself to ensure that, this is a lucrative business opportunity for discerning Dealers, all Business Associates and Channel Partners of Katyayani Petroleum Ltd.

Some of the benefits of Auto LPG as automotive fuel are :


Reduction in emissions


Low carbon build-up, increased life of engine parts like spark plugs, Manifold, Liners etc.


Dispensing of Fuel is a kin to conventional fuels like diesel or gasoline.


Service life of a vehicle is enhanced .


Little or no damage to soil and water, if it spills, due to its rapid evaporation Character.


High octane number reduces knocking.


LPG as an Auto Fuel is cheaper than petrol, saving can be between 30%- 40% on fuel costs This can vary with the Petrol and LPG prices


The auto LPG conversion Kit are tested by Vehicle Research & Development Esst. Ahmednagar on various parameters and safety checks as per international norms . The LPG conversion kit are conforming to international standards manufactured manufacturers approved by chief controller of explosives The components used are designed for high safety factor.

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